CRIMINAL DEFENSE: How to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney without paying twice as much as you need to.

How to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney without paying twice as much as you need to!

Hi, James Polk here with Apex Law Service.  Thank you for tuning in.  We’re going to be talking for a few articles here about how to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney without paying twice as much as you need to.  The main thing that we are going to be talking about is how our business works.  We are a Marketing Law Service.  On any one given day we have multiple clients and I have anywhere from 2 to 15 criminal defense trained and experienced paralegals working inside of Apex Law Service for our clients who have criminal cases they’re fighting.

We work for the Attorneys who our Clients hire who are also our Clients who have hired us to find them new Criminal Defense Clients.  We do only paralegal work in our office but we are instructed only by Attorneys.  You talk with your attorney about your legal issue, but first you come in and you hire us.  It doesn’t cost any money to do your initial intake.

When we do the intake, we take in the documents that you were given from the arresting agency, and any charging documents that you have.  We then put the information you give us it into just an explanation and we show a few of our different Client Attorneys the facts of your case.  We don’t show any of them your name actually at first.  Whichever ones of the Attorneys who are available at the time to take a new case, and who want to take your exact type of case let us know that they’d like to be your Attorney.  We come back to you and we say ‘hey, we have only one attorney right now’, or ‘we have two or three attorneys for you to choose from and here is what they wrote about each one of your different questions that you had’, and you get to pick.  We then have you sign an attorney-client contract with them and we do their paralegal work.  We take the headache out of running a law office for the Attorneys so they can focus on just practicing law and just defending you either in pre-trial or during trial.

We save you money.  We charge only $150 per paralegal hour.  Different Law Firms charge all the way up to $280 per paralegal hour.  Our Attorneys don’t up charge on the money that we charge to do paralegal work.  Everybody who works at Apex has training from a Paralegal Training Program and has their Certificate of Completion from their Program and also has experience as a Criminal Defense Paralegal.  A lot of us have worked at different places and I set up Apex so that I can pay our Paralegals more than they get paid at Law Firms so that they do top-notch work for you.  I set it up so that you get charged less money for paralegal work, and I set it up so that Attorneys have less headache and don’t have to worry about running an office or marketing.

I have a marketing group and I talk on social media and write these blogs and I reach out to people in a way to where you’re coming to us because you know we’re going to help you save money.   You know we are going to fight for your rights and we’re going to make it possible for you to actually put up a Criminal Defense Litigation Team to defend yourself.  Your Liberty is at risk.  You have a lot riding on the outcome of your case.  Maybe you simply got into this one incident that occurred and you need to be able to stay free and stay working so that you can take care of your Family.

We’re here for you in North County San Diego we’re located near the Vista courthouse and our phone number is 657-234-2232.  That is an Anaheim number.  We have been doing cases between San Diego and LA we’re gravitating almost entirely toward San Diego.

That about sums up our business model in general.  I look forward to helping you with your sensitive legal issue and helping you through a very difficult time thank you very much.


James F. Polk

Senior Administrative Coordinating Paralegal for Apex Law Service