“Criminal Law and Philosophy” is a GREAT JOURNAL!

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Criminal Law and Philosophy: An International Journal for Philosophy of Crime, Criminal Law and Punishment is a really great journal about the different governmental philosophies of criminal law.

It is interesting to read about how different jurisdictions inside the USA and different law systems from different Countries around the Globe differ in their philosophical approach to the criminal law.  In the United States, many people feel that it is a criminal attitude to feel resentment towards an undercover police officer who tricks somebody into one thing or another.  In other Countries, undercover work is considered unethical (see my blog post on Illinois v. Perkins – 7 paragraphs down). Some other Countries simply do not do undercover work.  The reasoning is akin to the observation principle in science, the intervention of the undercover fundamentally changes the situation is how the European Countries who do not do undercover work view the situation ethically.

This article is a really good smmary of the sections about consent from a book called “Wrongs and Crimes” by Victor Tadros (you can purchase it and other books from the same series from Amazon here.)

I found Criminal Law and Philosophy while researching for a blog I had intended to write about the idea that transferred intent in the criminal law is a legal fiction borrowed from the 5 intentional torts stemming from trespass.

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