CRIMINAL DEFENSE: A Scenario in a DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing.

Hi, James Polk here from Apex Law Service.  We provide lower-cost paralegal hours for our clients who are being charged with crimes.  You hire us and then you hire your attorney who is also one of our clients who has hired us to find clients for them and we do the paralegal hours in the middle.  We charge $150/hr. rather than up to $280 dollars an hour that different law firms charge.

This is not a scenario to go out and try to cause to occur.  This is simply a situation which occurs from time to time.  When pulled over as a suspected drunk driver in the State of California, Law Enforcement will give you the opportunity to take a breathalyzer on the roadside.  If you refuse it, you are given an opportunity to take the blood test at the Station.  You will be advised that you will automatically loose your DMV Driver’s License if you do not take the blood test.

From time to time people elect to refuse the breathalyzer on the roadside and to take the blood test at the Station, but once they get to the Station they change their mind.  If a person changes their mind and says they want a breathalyzer instead of a blood test, and the Law Enforcement Officer then does not give the suspected drunk driver the breathalyzer, it can be argued in the DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing that the Defendant did not refuse the test, and therefore did not violate the DMV rules and therefore should be allowed to keep their license.  Or let’s say the Law Enforcement Officer gives the breathalyzer, well then it may be a lower BAC.  It could be a higher BAC though that shows up if you had a rising BAC.

Do you see though why I started this blog post off by saying that this is not a scenario to go out and try to cause to occur?  You cannot bank on the Law Enforcement Officer for certain not giving the breathalyzer just because you refused the blood test at the Station.  The best thing to do is to not get as close to the line as to find yourself wondering if you should take a breathalyzer during a roadside DUI Stop.  Always have a 100% Sober Designated Driver if you go out for drinks.

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