Help Kids on Juvenile Probation!

Apex Law Service: Help Kids on Juvenile Probation.

Hi, James Polk here with Apex Law Service. is our website and we do outsourced paralegal work in the criminal defense arena for Attorneys who hire us to find Clients who need to defend themselves against criminal charges.  If you’re a Client and you need to hire an Attorney you can hire us first and then what we do is we do paralegal hours at a lower rate than most Law Firms.  We charge $150 an hour whereas most Law Firms charge up to $280 dollars an hour.  The Attorneys charge $300 to $350 an hour depending on if it’s the main Attorney or an Associate Attorney.

The All In Service Network is a little network of people across the USA that I started for the purpose of helping Community Organizations to put together a weekly project to help Kids on Juvenile Probation.  The project is simple and anybody can help.  The idea is for a Community Group to adopt a street from the local adopt-a-street organization and to then to use it to supervise 3 hours of Community Service for the Kids on Juvenile Probation in their Local County.  Just adopt a street and then take a letter to your Local County Juvenile Probation Office promising to supervise 3 hours of Community Service every Saturday or Sunday.  It is that simple.  The Community Organization can then invite the Kids and their Families to participate in their weekly group activities.  It is a simple and effective outreach that will help divert some kids into a better set of social situations than the ones that got them in trouble in the first place. is the website with more information about how to put a project together.

Hopefully this little video and blog post and the website will help you think of a group that you can help put a project together, or if you run a Community Group, hopefully this blog will help you decide to implement a project. Thank you for tuning in to


James F. Polk

Senior Administrative Coordinating Paralegal for Apex Law Service