CRIMINAL DEFENSE: How Our Billing Works.

Apex Law Service: How Our Billing Works.

Hi, James Polk here with Apex Law Service. is our website and we do outsourced paralegal work in the criminal defense arena for Attorneys who hire us to find Clients who need to defend themselves against criminal charges.  If you’re a Client and you need to hire an Attorney you can hire us first and then what we do is we do paralegal hours at a lower rate than most Law Firms.  We charge $150 an hour whereas most Law Firms charge up to $280 dollars an hour.  The Attorneys charge $300 to $350 an hour depending on if it’s the main Attorney or an Associate Attorney.

Most Criminal Law Offices will just charge you a flat fee.  Let’s say you went to a Law Office they would give you an estimate of the cost that you would have to pay that and sometimes you will have to pay more.  We do an hourly billing explanation of what we are going to do for the amount of money you pay us.  Rather than us telling you what the estimate is we have the different Attorneys who are our Clients

give you a few different estimates.  So, different Attorneys will have different strategies.  With Apex Law Service, you come in and you hire us you pay US $500 and we do your intake and we don’t start billing you.  You pay us the $500 when we do your intake and we put together a little report that we show to multiple of our Criminal Defense Attorneys who are our Clients who need Criminal Defense Clients.

Most of the time you will have usually a few questions about different issues.  You will have heard about different things that you will be concerned about with respect to the charges against you.  We have the Attorneys answer those questions and then we have them explain briefly a strategy that they believe would be the best for your specific case and then we show that to you so you can choose which Attorney you want to hire.  Our Criminal Defense Paralegals have been trained in paralegal training programs and have experience doing criminal defense paralegal work for multiple years.  They have worked at different law offices and we just run a very efficient office as a paralegal business.  As a Law Service we pay our Paralegals more than they get paid in most law offices. We are just very focused on criminal defense paralegal work all day.

Attorneys can only as Attorney take a certain amount of cases, let’s say a month or a quarter, because they have to do different trial times and there’s just only so much work an Attorney can do.  We can do more work as a paralegal operation than any one individual attorney and that’s how we have our office kind of more efficiently organized than a law office can be.  We have just individual desks where our paralegals sit that are maybe a little smaller than a larger office because we’re just working on a few files in your file at a time.  We have a central cabinet filing system and that’s how we keep the prices low for you.

It’s a very difficult situation if you get charged with a crime here in California.  The economy can be rough to deal with if you’re having problems at work and so we try to just keep you off your work radar if at all possible.  We try to help you by giving you as much information about the type of crime with which you’re being charged and help you find any outside resources that you need to deal with the situation you have going on.  We know you have mortgages, car payments, day care payments and things like that.  I really hope that we can help you either reach a not guilty verdict or also we do a lot of plea bargain work.  The reality of a lot of criminal defense cases is that you end up pleading to a lesser included or some other type of plea bargain process.

A lot of the work we do is DUI work.  San Diego County has a lot of microbreweries and a lot of cool little places.  We have just like a really unique culture in that sense.  Because of this, people get pulled over and charged with DUI charges, but the people are not always guilty, and so hiring us and saving yourself money is the thing to do.  We really believe in the access to justice element of our business structure.  We know the Attorneys who we have as clients are just top-notch Criminal Defense Attorneys.

We look forward to helping you go through this very touchy situation and we look forward to getting you all the way through and helping you move on with your life out and past this situation.  Thank you for tuning in to


James F. Polk

Senior Administrative Coordinating Paralegal for Apex Law Service