$500 Apex Retainer

$500 Apex Retainer

We find that the best retainer amount for us to collect at a time from our clients is usually $500.

The retainer payment goes towards the work Apex Law Service has done, is doing, or is about to do for your case. This retainer is only for Paralegal Work done by Apex Law Service and you must hire one of the Attorneys to whom we introduce you and pay them the retainer they ask you to pay. The Attorney then pays us for any additional work out of their retainer unless otherwise arranged.

We do not start billing off of the retainer you pay us until you have also hired an Attorney. Some of the work we do before you hire the Attorney becomes ratified by the Attorney, because it was necessary preparatory document gathering and administrative file work, but this is always minimal and only billed if approved by the Attorney.

Apex Law Service is setup to help Clients with Legal Issues to save money because we work at a rate of $150/Paralegal Hour rather than the standard Law Industry range of up to $280/Paralegal Hour. Thank you for paying your initial $500 retainer and we look forward to working on your file for the Attorney who you hire through us.


James F. Polk, Trustee of Apex Law Service

P.S. You may also pay more than one $500 payment if we have already spoken and you know that we are going to need to do more work, but usually the Attorney who you hire through us pays us for any work beyond the initial $500 worth of work we do on your case.