Looked at the Office Space I want to rent today!

Apex Law Service: Looked at a new office space today!

Hi, James Polk here with Apex Law Service.  www.ApexLawService.com is our website and we do outsourced paralegal work in the criminal defense arena for Attorneys who hire us to find Clients who need to defend themselves against criminal charges.  If you’re a Client and you need to hire an Attorney you can hire us first and then what we do is we do paralegal hours at a lower rate than most Law Firms.  We charge $71.25 an hour whereas most Law Firms charge $125 to $280 dollars an hour.  The Attorneys charge $300 to $350 an hour depending on if it’s the main Attorney or an Associate Attorney.

I went to look at the office space we want to rent today.  Everything is really great.  The proposed address is going to  be 380 S. Melrose Street in Vista, CA.  If all goes well we will get approved for an office space there within the month, maybe as long as two months.  Until then, stay posted for new updates. 

We look forward to helping you go through this very touchy situation and we look forward to getting you all the way through and helping you move on with your life out and past this situation.  Thank you for tuning in to www.ApexLawService.com.


James F. Polk

Senior Administrative Coordinating Paralegal for Apex Law Service